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My name is Jasmine (aka Jazmaraz) and I am a rescued guinea pig and Guinea Pig Fun's mascot. When I was rescued I had a bad case of mites, a head tilt, severe malnutrition, and I was pregnant. I had my three babies within a week but none of them survived. I was treated for my various medical problems and am now doing much better: I was treated for the mites and I gained weight. I have a permanent head tilt and many times I run in circles. Not too long ago I had a tooth and gum problem that was treated. However, I need to be checked by a vet periodically to make sure that it doesn't come back. Also, I recently had severe diarrhea. It took me a month to get well but I am fine now.

Before I was rescued, I lived with other guinea pigs but when my caretaker tried me with various female pigs they would just chase me or attack me. Finally she tried some three-week-old females babies and they are fine. They didn't chase me but they sure run and popcorn all over the cage!

I am only one of a multitude of guinea pigs and other critters who suffer abuse, cruelty, and neglect in the hands of their caretakers. Sometimes this abuse is intentional, but often it is due to lack of knowledge as to the proper care and needs of a guinea pig or other animal. My weblog focuses on my daily life as I continue my healing process. It is also a symbol of hope to all of the other critters who have suffered or still suffer from abuse or neglect.

I hope you enjoy my weblog!

UPDATE: Jasmine was PTS after a series of medical problems. Her blog was closed but there was a request to have it active again. The focus is now on the life of the critters at Guinea Pig Fun and occasionally on life at the Rainbow Bridge.


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